Disaster Relief Program
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History of Disaster Relief in Colorado and Beyond

Did you know that the original mission at Colorado FriendShip was disaster relief? Yes, before IncrEdibles and our other programs, COF brought assistance to those in need after the many Colorado disasters:

In the midst of responding to disasters locally and throughout Colorado, COF also felt compelled to help others in need during disasters in other areas of the country. We sent our truck and trailer full of clothing and supplies with volunteers down to Shreveport after Katrina in 2005.


• Jamestown, CO Fire, 2003
• Tornado in Holly, CO, 2007
• Windsor, CO Tornado, 2008
• Four Mile Canyon Fire, 2010
• High Park Fire, 2012
• Front Range CO Floods, 2013

Friendship Ambassador

Then in 2012, COF made friends with PS 104Q (The Baywater School) in Far Rockaway, NY which was hit badly by Hurricane Sandy. We prepared and shipped supplies and sent funds to our new friends at PS 104 to directly assist the surrounding community. We also 'adopted' two specific families and sent them a shipment of items as they requested. Shortly afterwards, two of our volunteers, or ambassadors visited PS 104 to meet the community and our adopted families. It was a wonderful experience for all! These out-of-state efforts then became known as the FriendShip Ambassador Project.

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