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For guys like Pete.

Pete says he is down on his luck, that's all. Since losing his job, and then his home and family three years ago, he's tried to find work and some place to live. Unemployment benefits helped for a while. Eventually, his benefits dwindled, as did his hopes.

Pete’s home is the alleys of Boulder, though he sometimes gets a spot at Boulder's Homeless Shelter. Every week for more than a year, we have welcomed Pete to Sunday dinner and conversation at Hot Meals on the Street near Boulder Creek, where the homeless tend to gather.

From Colorado FriendShip’s mobile trailer, Pete gets a hearty, hot meal and some extra food to take with him. The trailer’s clothing closet helps him replenish basic necessities – jackets and socks in the cold weather, clothes that are neat enough for a job interview.

Pete expresses gratitude for Colorado FriendShip’s help whenever we see him. We don’t judge Pete, or the others we support. We just help them in their need.

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