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  In one of the wealthiest counties in America, many are in need of the most basic necessities. Colorado FriendShip delivers food and clothing to those who need it most -- low-income and poverty-stricken children and families, and the homeless and indigent in Boulder County.

The need is great and Colorado FriendShip is growing to meet that demand.

In the Schools and On the Street
Every weekend during the school year, low-income kids take home backpacks full of high-quality, healthy, kid-friendly food through Colorado FriendShip’s IncrEdibles Food Backpack Program. During the week, these children receive breakfast and lunch through school programs, but many go hungry over the weekends. IncrEdibles supplies them with the nourishment they need to thrive.

Our Hot Meals on the Street program brings nutritious meals and clothing to the homeless and the down-and-out. Our volunteers prepare, cook and serve more than 5,000 healthy, nutritious meals a year. Without our help, these people would go hungry.

Our Mobile Food & Clothing distributes high-quality food to disadvantaged families in Boulder County and to victims of natural disasters.

By partnering with many other like-minded organizations, and through donations of food and clothing and the support of hundreds of volunteers, Colorado FriendShip is reducing suffering and saving lives.

We invite you to join us. Make a donation or volunteer today, and help improve the quality of life for many in need throughout our community.

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