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Food Tote-pack Program: For kids like Roberto.

Roberto lives with two sisters, two brothers and his mother in a crowded, but neat, two-bedroom apartment in Longmont. His mother works three jobs to keep the family afloat. Things that many of us take for granted – medical and dental care, replacing outgrown clothes, school supplies – overwhelm the tight family budget.

Luckily, Roberto and his siblings qualify for free school breakfast and lunch programs. But on weekends, they often don't have enough to eat. Stephen Hoel, the Principal at the Rocky Mountain Elementary School, recalls seeing a listless, undernourished Robert return to school on Mondays, then watching his inquisitive mind reemerge with the resumption of his school meals.

For Roberto and many other elementary students, IncrEdibles supplies a reliable source of food on the weekend. Every Friday afternoon, Roberto leaves school with a tote-pack filled with healthy, kid-friendly food – enough to last after Monday.

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